The Word Submission, Got A Bad Rap

It is usually when God places us in a submissive position that we begin to learn. Unfortunately, the word submission has a negative connotation these days. However, having a submissive spirit is not a negative. All the beauty that surrounds us comes alive in a new way. We begin to take the time to see, feel and hear the world around us. God’s beauty sparkles brilliantly in our midst. When we relax in this position of submission God can and will speak in our heart. We begin to truly come alive in a new way. We begin in a new way a journey that is not caught up in a mindset of selfishness. We become more self aware, yes, but it is no longer selfish. We begin an opening to the greater creation surrounding us. This can bring waves of inner joy, peace and rest that we have not experienced before. To my sisters and brothers who find themselves home bound, allow God to enter and guide your life more fully and you will be touched at a much deeper level than ever before.
Your little brother in Christ Jesus,
Hermits of St. Giles

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