Western Mysticism Part 3

Christ Jesus living within the mystic offers Himself once again to the Father for the redemption and transformation of the world. As Christians, we are called to give up our own mind to be able to put on the mind of Christ who was of course nailed to the Cross, who passed through the tomb, and rose from the dead. This divinization comes through the acceptance of suffering that comes from the cross we are called to carry with fidelity, with grace as a flowing energy. We are called to allow Christ to live within our very being, our heart, our mind, our body and our soul. When we suffer as Christ suffered, we cannot fail to grasp the value of purification of detachment of the cross. According to St. John of the Cross the path of purification must be partly active (on our part) and partly passive (on God’s part) for it transforms us according to the three powers of the soul allowing faith to fill the intellect, hope to fill the memory, and love to fill the will. Death then, means life in Christ. The cross seems frightful to us for it demands a complete trust in and through the Holy Spirit. The Christian must let go of self, the self we are so familiar with. This is why God grants us a life time for He wants all to share in His eternal glory.

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