Western Mysticism Part 2

In order that Christ comes to mystical fullness within the Christian, something must die and that is a dying to our false self. This is prepatory to the finding of the true self. This is prepatory to the finding of the true self in Christ. The negation is a preparation for the divinization of the human person.
The whole activity of the contemplative is nothing else than the activity of Christ Himself. In our contemplative calling, Christ is with us principally stirring and working as we move through the suffering of our cross. “Whoever does not pick up his/her cross and carry it cannot be my disciple.” Lk 14:27 We must maturally consent to the calling of carrying our cross, which without the grace of God is virtually impossible. Christian mysticism allows the life of Christ to well up vigorously within the human person who now becomes an instrument for an activity which history shows to be very powerful.

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