Thank You for your patience

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus I am truly sorry for not posting more often. This will change now and I owe you all an explanation as to my reasoning for not doing so. My father, Paul, has been battlingn cancer for a couple of years now but for the last couple months his cancer got the best of him. He had been on hospice for a short time and with his acceptance of his decision it did not take to long for our loving God to take him home. I had the fortunate opportunity about 10 years ago to begin working with those who have terminal illnesses, so what I was able to learn a great deal with helping the dying transition from this life to the next. I was able to participate in this process with my own father. He passed over on the last day of February at 7:20pm in the comfort of his own bed and his own home. Much of my time was spent on this with the rest of my family.
I learned that, even though it is very difficult and emotional when working with the dying, it is double the hardship when it is one of your own family members. One thing I have to say is that it is about the most sacred time in life as sacred as the birth of a child. Although I have not experienced the birth of my own child, I have experienced loved ones having a new born enter this world.
My family had a lovely funeral with many dear loved ones present to support us. Please, when you can, say a little prayer for my mom. They had been married together for 55 years. That is something in this day and age. It all boils down to the grace of God that’s for sure. Being together for so many years You can see how two really do become one. So when one passes before the other the other in some real sense dies with them. I have never been married but have had been engaged. She passed away when we were 26 years old. I was crushed back then so I can only imagine the pain and sorrow 55 years brings.
Anyway, thank you for your patience.
Love and prayer
Your little brother,
Hermits of St. Giles

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