Catching Up

Dear Readers,
I apologize to each of you for not writing to you. It has been my own fault. I have been thinking so much about my life and growing up. All the mistakes I made along the way. The many people I hurt over the years. Mostly for popularity and wanting to be seen as if I were actually in control of my life. The sad part of it all is that none of us are really in control. We pretend to be. Many times though we dig ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole and when we finally realize it we are in to deep. We need assistance from an outside force. Someone or something that is far stronger than we. For me a Christian that is Christ Jesus. All creation groans in silent expectation for God to rescue. Rescue the world, rescue us from ourselves and the mistakes we get ourselves into. Letting go of the false beliefs that we control is the first step. Letting our God into the mix is the next step. Life will begin to balance itself out again and the rut we find ourselves in will be made level. Let go. Begin today.
Love and prayers,
Hermits of St. Giles

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