One True God

How do I know it is You, who are God of the universe?
First, You allowed Yourself to die. What “god” ever to be written about accepted death? Why did You accept death as a God. I believe it is because of us, you and I. Your children in this universe die each day. I picture in my mind the human person who has been charged with a crime, sits on death row, yet might be completely innocent of the crime they have been charged with and still sits on death row awaiting execution. He or she did not choose this fate yet their reality. Or perhaps a young child, lying in the hospital bed fighting terminal cancer. Did they choose this for themselves? Yet reality has it that death will come to them no matter how much of a fight they put up. Out of all the “gods” , You Lord Jesus Christ are the only God because You accepted this aspect of our reality. You took on death to conquer death. What other “god” written about in history has taken on humanity’s death as a human person? What god has become one with humanity as You have done, Lord Jesus Christ? What other god has identified so intimately with the human condition like You have? Identified with the death row inmate or the hospitalized child struggling with cancer? This makes You, Lord Jesus Christ, the One True God.
Have a most blessed day

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