Centered On Self-Emptying

St. Paul’s Christology is “kenotic” meaning centered on self-emptying. Redemption is effected by the complete self-emptying of Christ Jesus to the will of His Father. Obedience in God translates into a complete openness and response to God in all aspects of our life most especially through our daily struggles with chronic illness and disability. There is a great opportunity on a daily basis to practice self-emptying for those with chronic illness, depending completely on the grace of God for the power of God is made perfect in weakness. Throughout Scripture we find the values of God are not the same as man’s values. The rich are the real poor, the weak are those who are strong, the alienated receive a warm welcome from God to share a more intimate relationship with the suffering Christ. “I bear the wounds of Christ in my body”, and “It is not I who lives but Christ who lives in me”. Thus, chronic illness becomes a means where we are invited to share in the Cross of Christ. It is in the isolation of chronic illness that we find the deeper union with the suffering Christ Himself. Our souls become a place where His own love is perfected in our world. (2 Cor. 12:9)
Chronic illness may be one opportunity to confront our own inner poverty and reliance in God, to practice the virtue of charity, especially toward those who lovingly and selflessly take care of us. Those with chronic illness have a great opportunity to discover the fruits of the hermits life because of the isolation illness brings. It is important to reiterate God does not will illness or pain. He redeems them. God transfigures them. God transforms us that our life filled with compassion and love. In spite of our chronic illnesses, my sisters my brothers, God calls us to live as fully and as lovingly as we possibly can.
Remember now, to please email the Hermits of St. Giles at for any prayers you may have in your heart. Have a blessed day.
Your little brother in Christ,
Hermits of St. Giles

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