Developing Our Relationship With God 11

The Cultivation of the Heart:
There is only a certain amount of self-emptying that the human person can do on his/her own. This self-emptying is called “Kenosis”. It is spoken about in Philippians ch.2 v. 7. Jesus emptied Himself of His God-head and became a human person. We too are called to a “Kenosis”, a self-emptying. We start this process by humbly acknowledging that there is a God above and we are powerless without Him. I know this is not a popular theme but very necessary to embrace. We seek to honor and glorify Him before all else in our lives. When we have done the best that we can to allow God to be the center of our lives, God takes over and begins to purify the rest. He does this because there are areas in our lives that are so deep that we cannot reach them on our own. We need the strength of God to reach these places in our soul and in our psyche.
Hermits of St. Giles

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