Developing Our Relationship With God 9

Meditation aims toward purity of heart which is an unconditional and total humble surrender to God, a total acceptance of ourselves and of our situation in life that is willed by Him. By meditation, we begin to penetrate the inmost ground of our being, seek the full understanding of God’s will for each of us, of God’s mercy to us and of our absolute dependence on Him. This type of prayer must be accompanied by conversion, known as “metanoia”, this is a deep change of heart in which we die to certain levels of our being (which I call our masks) in order to find ourselves alive and free in another.
In meditation, we are not just seeking an objective or speculative knowledge of God, we are seeking to know God Himself. Meditation or “prayer of the heart” is our active effort to keep our hearts open so that God may enlighten and fill our inner most being with Himself. This gift of God is known as contemplation.

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