Developing Our Relationship With God 8

Meditatio (Meditation) in a sense is a preparation in which we begin to recollect ourselves, our thoughts, our heart upon the Lord God through the Person of Jesus Christ. We settle ourselves down from our days activity, pull ourselves away, if possible, from others to find a quiet place where we can be alone in solitude with God. Even if it is just for a period of twenty minutes or so, if that is what we can give. Seek to give it. In meditation, we begin by using our cognitive processes, our mind to think and reflect. For instance we can begin on a passage of Scripture or on a scene from the life of Jesus Himself. It is here that we cultivate an attitude and an outlook with faith, openness, attention, reverence, expectation, supplication, trust and joy.
It is our faith that tells us that we are in the presence of God. Faith then moves us beyond the area of understanding into the purity of resting in the presence of God. We cultivate our deepest center for the Bridegroom and allow Him to enter and to rest within our very heart. The heart, being the place within us where we are truly ourselves, our very personhood where we are not wearing masks and where only God can penetrate and know the depths of who we are, His beloved children.
In meditation we bring our life situations to God, our daily struggles, concerns, fears, anxieties and also our joys, our loves, our hopes. Meditation that is not grounded in our daily lives has no point and no reality. We do not wish to bury our very selves, but actually present them to God. God truly transforms those areas in our lives that need transformation. He can heal areas that need healing. It is up to us to open to His divine power working in us by inviting the Holy Spirit to commune with us. Thomas Merton once said that “Meditation should bring us into an attitude of awareness and receptivity. It also gives us strength and hope along with a deep awareness of the value of interior silence in which the mystery of God’s love is made clear to us”.
Have a beautiful day.
Hermits of St. Giles

2 thoughts on “Developing Our Relationship With God 8

  1. This is beautifully written, Mark! …and very inspiring! I believe God is moving within you as you write these words! Thank you for being open to His love….and then for sharing that Love with us!


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