Developing Our relationship With God 6

Next, there is the Prayer of Intercession. Jesus is the central intercessor for all of creation to be united with the Father. (Rom 8:34; 1John 2:1; 1 Tim 2:5-8) Intercession is prayer for someone other than ourselves. We look to the interest of others in prayer and we even with the grace of God, begin to pray for those who may have harmed us in anyway. In this type of prayer we seek God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy in someone else’s life beside our own. When we love we seek the good of the other. We want the best for that person. Our hearts go out to our loved ones. Love has a wonderful way of moving us beyond ourselves. We wish only to please the other and seek their happiness even sometimes to the point of sacrificing our own happiness. As God transforms our lives more and more as time goes on our hearts begin to reach out to those whom we don’t like or sometimes despise, seeking only for the good to come out in them. This is truly the working of grace in our lives. We experience this grace on a real and concrete level within the depths of our being. Many times when we look back we cannot comprehend how grace transforms and heals us but it does. (Phil. 2:4) and (Romans 12:14) In the prayer in intercession we realize that we are not alone in this world. That we all share in the love of God as His mystical body. Praying for each other helps us to become more self-less, to imitate Jesus who emptied Himself of His God-head to become a human person for the good of all His Father’s children. Since we are called to imitate Christ Jesus we too are called to empty the selfish part of ourselves for others in the world.
Have a blessed day.

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