Developing Our Relationship With God 5

Continuing the journey, we arrive at the types of prayer that are important. The first being, the Prayer of Petition. The prayer comes from a deep yearning for something we believe we need in our life. There are a number of Scriptural passages where the prayer of petition is mentioned. One has been chosen, Matthew chapter 21 verse 22. “You will receive all that you pray for, provided you have faith.” We express prayers vocally to God from the depth of our heart. They surface in our mind and we reflect upon the need as they spring up from within. On this level of prayer we learn that we belong to something higher than what our earth can give. We begin to search for God’s kingdom and at times we are not fully convinced we belong to that kingdom. But as the mercy and grace of God begins to pour into our lives we experience God’s presence and seek more deeply to know His will in our life. Our next session will be on the Prayer of Intercession. Have a blessed day.

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