Developing Our Relationship With God 4

In the beginning stages of our prayer relationship we seek to know all about our Divine Lord.  We are awakened by the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding us on.  There is such enthusiasm and wonder at the movements of God.  We experience them concretely in our very being.  We experience a certain sweetness, a fire burning in our deepest center.  These are the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  If some individuals do not experience these sensations that is fine too.  What matters is that the relationship is developing and that you are experiencing in your life a movement of turning your life  over to God.  The main thing is you are here, that you are searching for the deeper meanings regarding your life and your relationships with those around you.  That God is calling you by name, personally, to Himself.  This is the calling that takes a response from you and look, you are here, with an open heart, embracing the One who guides you mysteriously.  It is a beautiful process.  Keep going.  It’s worth it!

Have a most blessed day!

One thought on “Developing Our Relationship With God 4

  1. Hi Brother Mark,
    I’ve been enjoying your blogs this morning. I’m searching for more in my prayer life and I feel your blogs are helping me reflect more deeply on some spiritual truths. God bless You!


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