Developing Our Relationship With God 3

Preparing Our Hearts:
We try to prepare ourselves by watering the soil within our heart and cultivate the area of our deepest center by way of vocal prayer, by meditation, by lectio divina (which is slowly reading the Scriptures) where the Word of God is nourishing our inmost being. Perhaps some recite the Rosary and meditate upon the Divine Mysteries. In meditation, we use our cognitive processes, that is to say, our intellect, our imagination, where we reflect and process information. In meditation, we focus our entire self on the Word of God which is Jesus Himself coming to us.
Can you remember a time when you were dating someone you really cared about? Someone you might even have married? At the beginning of your relationship recall the passion and desire you had to be with that person. You continually sought opportunities to be with that person to get to know them more deeply. To find out all about them. It was a real delight to be with them as if you could not get enough of them. The sweetness of it was like a wonderful piece of chocolate. Hopefully over the years this seeking to know each other has been full and meaningful and now the relationship has become more of a communion with the other. It is the same with our love relationship with the Divine Bridegroom.
Have a blessed day.

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