The Family

The Domestic Church is called the family. The nucleus of the family is the heart of the Church. The Church is made up of families. Each family is profoundly spiritual and at the heart of God. Each person within the family plays a significant role in the heart of the Church. Mom and dad work so hard to keep things together. Each child is such a special gift from God and is a light to the world. So mom’s and dad’s love your precious children. Children love your parents. You are the light of the world, you are the Domestic Church. Pray for each other, support one another. God’s peace is yours when each can strive hard to keep it together. Have a most blessed week.

About hermitsoftheholycross

The Hermits of the Holy Cross is a Contemplative Association for those who are permanently physically disabled and have become “home bound” to their local Church and are in need of continuous medical care. The Association of the Hermits of the Holy Cross is set-up in such a way that those who are ill and physically disabled can live out their monastic spirituality from their own home. We assist the Church and the world through our life of prayer and freely offering up our sufferings that stem from our disabilities. For the Hermits, our hermitage is within our heart and the Cross of Christ is life for us and for our world.
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