Believe It Or Not

Believe it or not, the Contemplative path is no doubt the most difficult path one can ever walk. The contemplative life demands confidence. Since the intimate knowledge of God grows in peace, contemplatives are particularly vulnerable to disturbance. In the deepest realm of our heart our relationship with God cannot be touched. This is the realm where the Holy Spirit is master. The devil’s goal is to make us abandon this realm of love. The permanent union among contemplatives is the love of God and as soon as we step outside of that love there is the occasion for division. Our best defenses against division are faith, trust, love and the embrace of the Holy Spirit. In the domain of contemplative prayer with our Blessed Mother we are safe. Let us remember, the contemplative life is serious business for its goal is eternal life.
Pax et Bonum,

About hermitsoftheholycross

The Hermits of the Holy Cross is a Contemplative Association for those who are permanently physically disabled and have become “home bound” to their local Church and are in need of continuous medical care. The Association of the Hermits of the Holy Cross is set-up in such a way that those who are ill and physically disabled can live out their monastic spirituality from their own home. We assist the Church and the world through our life of prayer and freely offering up our sufferings that stem from our disabilities. For the Hermits, our hermitage is within our heart and the Cross of Christ is life for us and for our world.
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1 Response to Believe It Or Not

  1. Good morning my dearest brother Mark from one monastery to another. Mark, I have read as much as I could of your thought provoking spiritual reflections and my word, mark, you have a special God given gift here for the whole family of God. Mark, as a lay Franciscan monastic cyber community, that’s until The Lord reveals to us the Field of Dreams, our Franclara Abbey of peace and Compassion, we nurture one another several times daily in communal prayer on the web. We have 2 livestream channels that beam out into the world God’s praises. If you would like to come and join us Mark here is the link for Morning Prayer from: 9.00am (UK) and 5PM I also go live from: 10PM each night (UK)
    Mark we also have a live show for peace every night from: 8PM (UK) If the Lord guides your heart to share as a volunteer presenter, then please let me know and I can support your training.
    Mark, know that we are all beloveds of God and from one brother to another, I ask the Lord jesus to anoint you today with His healing love.
    Pax et Bonum
    Sean x
    Details about Brother Sean are available by visiting our website at


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